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Melissa offers writing and performance coaching to individuals and groups.


As a poet and teacher she has worked with dozens of individuals in one on one and group settings to help them achieve their goals as writers, storytellers and performers. As a poet with over two decades of experience she has performed her work for thousands of people and has shared the stage with some of the world's best poets.


Whether you are a writer who wants to challenge yourself creatively and take your writing to a new level, someone who struggles with public performance and could use some tips from a seasoned veteran of the stage, or anyone who needs an extra set of eyes to make sure your paper, presentation or manuscript is on the right track, Melissa is available for all of your writing and performance needs.


Melissa is available for featured performances, to facilitate workshops, and for one-on-one writing and performance consultations.



Contact Melissa for more information on individual,

group and workshop rates.


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